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After spending a lot of time in testing, finally Facebook has launched a new dashboard which can help the advertisers to track the performance of their ad. This is the Attribution dashboard, which can help the marketers to get a complete insight about the brand’s Facebook presence and the performance of reach element provided by the Facebook. It provides the marketers the comparative measures as well as identifies the data that is contributing to their increased sales.

This new dashboard is named as Facebook Attribution, which is launched with aim of providing the data to the advertisers to assist them in getting information about their approach to the Facebook and Instagram followers due to their active Facebook presence.

According to Facebook, this tool is different from the other traditional tools for marketing attribution. Those tools just provide you the information based on the last clicks or the cookies, which possibly may not provide you with the whole picture, so you cannot determine which of your advertising efforts is making more business outcomes for you. But this tool provided by Facebook will help the advertisers to identify the specific advertising efforts that are worthy for their businesses and help them to boost their marketing efforts. This advertising measurement tool will also help them to make better strategies for their advertising campaigns by providing them the complete information about their customer journey.

The marketers will now be able to calculate the impact on the bottom line of their business by tracking the performance of every element of Facebook and the Facebook presence of the brand. This will also include the measurement of Pixel data. This sounds interesting for the advertisers of the brands which are using Facebook as their promotional platform.

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This dashboard is designed to provide you the data that has been collected from multiple sources. These sources may include Facebook Pixel, Offline Conversion, Facebook insights, and app events. This whole information will provide the marketers a clearer and vast picture for their Facebook actual performance rather than just summarizing the general information about their Facebook engagement.

It is hard to track and measure the results and outcomes that are being generated because of the social media marketing. This is a problem in social media marketing to calculate the ROI generated through the social platforms. Also, the in-store conversions are easy to calculate but on social platform it is not an easy task to keep the track of the conversions which are due to the impact of the social platforms. Facebook attribution is not solving the problem of having the actual figure about the social conversions, but it is providing more transparency and a better tracking system for the performance of the social media efforts the advertisers are putting on this platform.

This tool would benefit the marketers as this tool also offers the feature of “Randomized Controlled Experiments”, which are based on the data that is not only collected from this site but also from the data that has been collected from the Instagram and Messenger. Marketers can now check their collective impact of the marketing efforts they have incurred over these three platforms.

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