Linkedin App update of Feed Algorithm

Have you noticed the increased engagement and interaction over your LinkedIn account after the recent update?

The new update of LinkedIn is the reason for that. According to the recent post on the official blog of LinkedIn, in the recent update of LinkedIn the engagement of the users has been improved through the updated algorithm. This new update will provide more engagement on every user’s posts. They have noticed previously that many users were not posting any updates and that was because of their algorithm that was mainly focused on the top creators and their shared contents only.

LinkedIn noticed the problem that the users started posting less due to the decreased engagement of the feeds and feedbacks. This less engagement of the users demotivated many users who posted their updates and as a result they started updating less.

LinkedIn explained this problem by having a research on their users. They noticed that the people who get a good response on their updates like more than ten likes were the people who share their updates again. While on the other hand, the people who get less response on their posts, they started posting less. People who get less than 10 likes are likely to stop posting again.

Which means that among the members of LinkedIn, the big players were getting more attention and the other users with less feedbacks were getting ignored. LinkedIn did not ignore the matter and did not let the big players dominate in the feeds, they gave the update so that the updates in the feeds could be properly distributed among these members. It has updated its feed algorithm so that the feeds of the LinkedIn would not get dominated by the big players. This is the way through which more engagement and reach could be provided to the updates of the users.

According to the LinkedIn officials, it was not an easy problem for them to solve. To penalize the update content that is more popular was a tough challenge for the team. Also, giving more reach to the posts that are not likely to be liked by the users was a tough decision. But LinkedIn decided to change the Feed Algorithm, so that it may improve the feeds and it will help them to estimate which users are affected with the increased feedbacks. It will also be initiated in ranking the posts.

It was difficult for the team to quantify this in the data form but after testing several tests, LinkedIn has been started working with the new process. LinkedIn says that they have made these changes and took this hard decision because; this change would increase the engagement for the posts of the people who get less feedback but the members who are already the big players will get the increased response anyway. The big players will not notice any change in the feed and they will get the response as they used to get before this update.

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